Secrets of the heart

Bride in Secret by Serenity Woods

I can safely say that this third book in Serenity Woods’ Bay of Islands Brides series is my favourite thus far – I absolutely loved the story which had me hooked from the very first chapter. But the reasons why I loved it… I don’t want to go into as I don’t want to spoil the story and trust me, this book is best read going in blind because there are some major events, big shocks and a whole lot of love!!!

Bride in Secret is a beautiful story about the trouble that secrets can get you into – even if these secrets are kept with the best of intentions. Roberta and Angus have been secretly attracted to each other ever since they first laid eyes on one another two years ago but neither of them have tried to be anything more than friends. But when a night in Las Vegas leads to some unexpected consequences, the real possibility of forging a relationship comes to the forefront. I absolutely adored Roberta in the first two books and I was thrilled to learn so much more about her in the book. And Angus is the biggest sweetie ever and his role as town doctor and Elliot’s best friend made for some very interesting scenes.

Without a doubt, Bride in Secret is my pick of the theee books released so far in this series. But with three more books still to come, I’m definitely keen to read Elliot’s book as he is the Goldsmith family member that intrigues me the most.