nicandbooks ratings



I’ve had a long think and made the decision to rate the books I review a little differently on my blog as opposed to the reviews I give on Amazon, Goodreads and Bookbub. Those sites limit you to a ranking out of 5 and I find it difficult to separate so many of my five star books out because I love them all for different reasons.


So each of the books in my blog will be given an Amazon/Goodreads rating out of 5 stars ⭐️ as well as a nicandbooks rating out of 5 hearts ❤️. And to get 5 hearts from nicandbooks, well the book has to be PHENOMENAL. One that hits me emotionally – not necessarily a tear jerker, could be one that gave me all the happy, positive feels – and that I continue to think about days, weeks and months after I’ve read it. A book that gives me a book hangover and I have to recommend to everyone!!


All the other books that I would rank 5 stars on Amazon/Goodreads will get 4.5 nicandbooks hearts – as a way of showing that I loved the book more than just a four heart/star rating but it hasn’t reached the 5 heart rating pinnacle.


Any questions, comment below.

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